in Androgenetic Alopecia, also with dystrophic hair, dandruff, seborrhea and scalp itching

ANAGEN-PLUS® Hair Loss Treatment 30 days

(Anagen-Plus® Shampoo200 ml + Anagen-Plus® Solution 150 ml)

The ANAGEN-PLUS® TREATMENT, has been long Tested in University Seat on subjects diagnostically suffered from Androgenetic Alopecia, that notoriously it is the real hair loss that brings to baldness, being effective even with dystrophic hair, dandruff, seborrhea and scalp itching.

The Clinical Outcomes have been assessed by Bulbar Microscopy, performed according to the University Standards provided for the correct explant of hair and the subsequent count of the bulbs during the different phases of the hair cycle (trichograms), with the comparison of the analytical instrumental data obtained before, during and at the end of the Treatment with which the subjects of the exam were treated.

The Final Clinical Judgement, written by the Director of the University Dermatological Clinic, based on the comparison before/after of the Analytical Instrumental Data, shows:

– important decrease of hair loss;

– decrease of dystrophic hair;

– evident decrease of scalp seborrhea;

– evident decrease of scalp itching.

Moreover, in no one case have been detected episodes of irritative dermatitis, contact eczema or other.

The ANAGEN-PLUS® TREATMENT® gives to the hair even a full aesthetic action (the hair are easy to comb, easy to style, soft and shiny). Moreover, being compatible and combinable with all the products of the whole VB® RANGE, it allows to easily satisfy all the fashion’s trends about the hairstyle.


Anagen-Plus® Shampoo:

The product is formulated without perfumes, colors and thickening, for this reason it is liquid in all its purity. We suggest to apply the shampoo directly on wet hair. To obtain a perfect result wet carefully the hair and make the first washing, massaging until you get a rich foam, rinse-off perfectly and repeat it for the second time, till obtain again a rich foam and then rinse off thoroughly.

Anagen-Plus® Solution::

Apply daily 5 ml of Anagen-Plus® Solution on the scalp with the special dropper, even in the days when you don’t wash your hair. Distribute the product across the scalp and not only where the hair loss problem is visible. Do not rinse the Solution, it is recommended to wait about 2 minutes before blow drying.
If applied on dry hair, the Solution is not greasy and doesn’t weigh the hair down.
It dries quickly and does not leave residues.