BODY CREAM   200 ml

If for the cleaning are used common bathing foams which degrease the skin (damaging its physiological protective hydrolipidic film) even colored and perfumed, in these cases Body Cream is an essential after-shower product, aimed to restore the physiological and necessary Self-Defense Powers of Human Skin.

Otherwise, if for the cleaning are used the Bathing Foams of VB® Range, the after-shower use of Body Cream has a completely different role of High Formulative Level product, able to give to the skin an Extraordinary Effect of Maximum Beauty.

Body Cream is not greasy, absorbs quickly and, if used as night cream, guarantees to the skin that feeling of silkiness always desired.


It can be used as frequently as you wish with the maximum safety.
It gives to the skin a smooth and velvety look that is highly appreciated from the first use.
It absorbs quickly with a soft and simple massage, it is not greasy and is suitable even as night cream.
Its features are further enhanced if combined with VB® Bathing Foam.

Body cream can be used even as Face Cream after the washing with Face Cleanser.