(Dry Hair  Shampoo 200 ml + Regenerating Cream 200 ml)

The topic of dry hair represents one of the most frequent and troublesome issues in the cosmetic-trichological field. The term “dry” is often used for the hair in inappropriate way for its definition. To understand better the meaning of the term “dry hair” must be considered that this blemish can depend by many different factors, it can be of physiological origin, the hair can become dry after the use of common shampoos not suitable for their cleaning and, another frequent reason is that, normally those who suffer of scalp greasiness use too aggressive shampoos that, unavoidably, attack the keratins of the hair’s cuticle making the hair dry.
The cleaning of skin and hair today is a science that has to be necessarily aimed both to don’t create secondary undesired effects and to protect, restore and embellish the keratin structures of skin and hair.

For this reason, the Dry Hair Treatment fully matches with the above mentioned concepts and it is suitable also for a very frequent use.



The Dry Hair Treatment, answers to the need of improving the unaesthetic look of dry, destructured, rough and dull hair both due to physiological reasons and due to the use of common shampoos, chemical treatments or overuse of hair straightener and/or hair dryer on hair not properly protected with suitable products. Moreover, the use of this Treatment prevents even the formation of the classic and unaesthetic split ends, caused by the hair that are became dry, bodiless and that not maintain easily the hairstyle.

The combined and synergic action of Dry Hair Shampoo con la Regenerating Cream is expressly tangible from the first use.


after the use of Dry Hair Treatment:

To give to all type of hair a greater restoring, malleability and softness, we suggest to apply Spray Conditioner VB® on the hair, distributing it uniformly with the help of a comb.

Then apply  Hair Styling Primer  on hair (look at its own description the way of use of this product) to make really easy to comb and to model your hair with any action of hair drying and styling.
The final effect of what above suggested is touchable and long lasting, both for the hair silkiness, brightness and easiness in hair modelling and even for the held of the hairstyle with brush, hair dryer, hair straightener helmet and with the hands for an aesthetic effect particularly natural.


Make twice the shampoo till obtain a rich foam and rinse-off perfectly. Blot the water excess, apply the right quantity of Regenerating Cream and with the help of a comb distribute it evenly on all lengths of hair. The cream doesn’t require exposure time thus rinse off thoroughly, then you can proceed to the hair drying or you can apply one of the products of Style & Finish Line, according to the desired hairstyle.
Regenerating Cream and the Style & Finish Line’s products are not greasy and don’t weigh your hair down.