Glare Hair Fluid Complex  50 ml
extra smooth brilliant spray extreme lasting
to easily smooth without stress all types of hair

glare hair fluid complex extra smooth brilliant spray extreme lasting, allows to easily smooth all types of hair without stressful actions with the hair dryer. An amazing formulative result of the VB® Research Laboratories that, for its technical features is particularly appreciated both for Professional and Private use. 

glare is an unique and sophisticated formulation able to give to the hair:

– Extra smooth effect;

– extra light reflections;                                          

– extra brilliance;                                                 

– extra silkiness;                                                             

– extra softness;                                                             

– extra anti-frizzy action.                                              

Combining glare with Easy Straight Shampoo you obtain a treatment unique in the world  for the hair straightening even for very frequent use and with maximum safety.


Shake well before use

– before hair styling, after have used the desired VB® Shampoo and some other after-shampoo VB® Products and after have blotted the hair from the excess of water, vaporize few sprays of glare on length and ends. Distribute homogeneously glare, with the help of a wide toothed comb before and then with a fine toothed comb to make the contact easier. Dry the hair with brush and hair dryer, without waiting exposure times, to obtain the maximum smooth and brilliant effect;

– on dry hair, spray a small quantity of glare according to the length of hair and then comb to refresh the obtained hairstyle and enhance the shine of hair.