Hair Styling Primer  30 ml
anti-frizzy, disentangling, gives softness and brightness

Hair Styling Primer gives a special silkiness and malleability to the hair even to the most frizzy and difficult to style and it prevents in effective way the formation of the unaesthetic split ends. 

If applied on still wet hair makes easier the pass of the comb and allows to quickly obtain the desired hairstyle without stress.

It guarantees the control of frizzy effect and the held of the hairstyle even in high air’s humidity conditions, it is able to give brightness and softness even to the most dull and exploited hair.

The daily use of Hair Styling Primer allows to renew the hairstyle both modelling with the hand and using brush and hair dryer.

Is essential for professional use and particularly suitable and useful also for private use because its application is quick and safe.


on still wet hair, apply a right quantity of Hair Styling Primer on the hands and distribute it uniformly on hair. Then, with the help of a comb complete the contact between the product and the hair.

Without waiting exposure times, proceed to the desired hair drying.

on dry hair, apply a small quantity of Hair Styling Primer, to define or preserve the desired hairstyle, both with the hands and with brush and hairdryer.