KeratinRefine 5 is the maximum expression of the family of collagen multifunctional restorers for hair and it has to be used as compress pre-shampoo.
Is a precious product, both for professional and private use, because it is aimed to the restoring and protection of the keratins of hair’s surface, making them more healthy and ready for the after-shampoo treatments/products, further exalting the aesthetic-functional features.

In a few minutes of application it is effective even on the hair very damaged, frizzy, dry to the touch and particularly resistant to physical restoring actions, giving them softness, brightness and a look of a found back sensation of integrity.
In combination with the Products of VB® Range, with which is perfectly compatible, allows to obtain extraordinary results even on the most damaged hair, because it creates aesthetic synergies that, besides to embellish the hair, make them easy to manage, maintaining an healthy look even if subjected to stressful physical and chemical actions to obtain the results of the last fashion trends.


Shake before use

 before washing the hair, rinse them off carefully only with water to remove the dirty primary (residues, foreign things, etc.). Blot with a towel and line the hair up as better as possible with the help of a wide toothed comb;
 apply KERATIN REFINE 5 homogeneously on hair with the help of a wide toothed comb and then with a fine-tooth comb to make the full contact easier till the ends and particularly with possible split ends of the lengths;
 wait at least 5 minutes of exposure time;
 rinse off carefully  and proceed to the hair washing with the VB® desired Shampoo;
 apply the desired VB® after-shampoo Products, according to the needs and the results you want to obtain, both with the Aesthetic and Curative Treatments and/or with the single VB® Products, following the instruction of use, including the ones of the Finish Line