Keratin Style 125 ml
collagen restorer

The main feature of Keratin Style is to perform a film-forming uniform action on the hair’s surface able to give fullness, elasticity and brightness even to particularly damaged hair and, thanks to its aesthetic-functional action, prevents the formation of split ends. 

Is a very good collagen restorer of hair keratins and its formulation makes it a multifunctional product. If worked with brush and hair dryer allows to easily model every type of hair giving them lightness and support, moreover is ideal to obtain tight and defined curls if dried with curlers and diffuser and it’s perfect to be used on the hair already dried for the hairstyle’s finishing.

It is not greasy, does not weigh down and does not leave residues on hair.


shake well before use

on wet hair, distribute Keratin Style uniformly and proceed to the desired hair drying both with brush and hairdryer and with curlers, both with diffuser or naturally.

– on dry hair, apply Keratin Style as a classic gel to finish the hairstyle.