The Phases of the Safe and Useful Product from Design to the Users

As for the historical traditions, destined to last, today VB® Products are manufactured according to specific utility projects and they are placed in the market only when they fully have the necessary requirements.

So, any name gave to a Treatment or to a Single Product, fully match with the real utility function for which they are placed in the market.

the Technical – Scientific Path in VB® Research Laboratories

This route starts with an essential and strict selection of the ingredients included in the INCI UE Codes, aimed to the exact utility function of the designed formulation that in any case, has to be realized according to the common manufacturing features of all the previous VB® Range formulations.

Be in compliance with the VB® Technical-Scientific Route means that any new Product has to fully satisfy all the needs for which it has been created and, at the same time, be perfectly Compatible and Combinable with all the other products, to be in any case a valid and safe product that can integrate both Curative and Aesthetic Treatments and every single Products of VB® Range.


The Maximum Safety and the Clinical Effectiveness of VB® Treatments and of every single VB® Product, are always Strictly Validated and Certified in University Seat to confirm the overrun of the routes to which the VB® Products are subjected before they are placed in the various market fields.


So, the whole VB® Range is the result of the Fundamental Routes to which the Products are subjected to allow to Professionals and Consumers to face and solve with success, both curative and aesthetic issues, using Treatments and Products, perfectly compatible and combinable, with a range of possible combinations that in any case always offers a warranty of Safety and Results



 The Villa Borghini® Products belong to Bio-Scientific Dermatic® (technical neologism creates in VB® and patented to the Ministry of Industry, relating to the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic field).

  The Bio-Scientific Dermatic® evolved in Independent Science that rules, both the Research of VB® Laboratories, the Common Manufacturing Features of VB® Products and the Technical-Scientific programs of our School that for this reason has been named

Bio-Scientific Dermatic European Academy®.  

Therefore, according to the Bio-Scientific Dermatic® Criteria, the conceptual basis of the Common Manufacturing Features of VB® Products, provide the following essential requirements:

Maximum Safety

Because first of all is necessary protect the health of the consumer and if a product is not safe, whatever is its function, the protection of the health will be always at risk.

In compliance with this concept, already in 80’s and 90’s VB® Products, were voluntarily subjected in University Seat to the Strictest Clinical-Pharmacological Tests provided by the Repeated Insult Patch Test, and the overrun of this test has certified them as: incapable of evoking irritative or allergic reactions.

Clinical Effectiveness

Because if a product is safe but without Effectiveness, the consumer doesn’t have the motivations to buy it, because in this case, he would sustain only an useless expense.

For this reason the VB® Products, aimed to care the various pathologies of scalp, face skin, etc., are Tested in University Seat with Exact Scientific Instrumental Data, detected before and after their use, to confirm the Certified Clinical Effectiveness.

Reasonable Quality/Price Relationship

Because an high price not necessarily means high quality and, with a very low price, is impossible to pretend an high quality product.

According to the Bio-Scientific Dermatic® Criteria, the Real Quality/Price Relationship doesn’t have to find its basis only in the functions of the product, but has also to be extended to the real number of applications allowed by the product: Unitary Cost per Each Application.

A classic example of this concept is the low cost for each application of VB® Shampoos and Bathing Foams.

The calculations of the unitary cost per application (Energy Management), are necessary for the economic management of the Activity of the Professional and are explained and shown during our  Bio-Scientific Dermatic European Academy®.

Is particularly important that, the first Products realized in VB®, had already common requirements, today more than ever considered Farsighted and Forerunner of the most advanced and Sophisticated Manufacturing Techniques, aimed to the Protection of the Consumer Health.

  This requirements, handed down to the present Range of VB® Products, can be briefly summarized as follows:

first Products in the world in their field, without colors and perfumes

 After many decades, this concept of safe is repeatedly claimed by the University Dermatological Clinics, because the addition of colors and perfumes to cosmetic products, besides to create a big series of side effects, is often used to cover the bad smell of low quality ingredients (look at the publications of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Siena University, etc.);

first Products in the world in their field, without addition of thickeners

The Products of VB® Range as Shampoo, Bathing Foam e Cleansers, are manufactured without the addition of thickeners and for this reasons the formulations are clear and liquid even if with an high SAL (Active Cleansing Substance) that allows a very high number of applications of the Product.

  At the opposite, to the common products as shampoo, bathing foam, cleanser, etc. when there is the need to increase their consistency, are added thickeners but if the SAL is poor, the increase of the density doesn’t allow to increase even the number of applications that the product allows to do;

first Products in the world in their field, Certified as Zero Bacteria Charge, included Yeasts and Molds

Every single VB® manufacturing batch, is analyzed by Microbiology Laboratories, recognized by the Ministry of Health for the issue of the Certification proving the Zero Bacteria Charge, included Yeasts and Molds.

FDA – USA Registration

Since 1992 VB® Products were already Registered at the FDA-USA (American Food and Drug Administration);

SASO Registration
(Saudi Arabia Standard Organization)

The original VB® scientific foresight, has been recognized and claimed with the assignment to its founder of the prestigious and highly coveted: