200 ml

Reintegrating Mask represent a sophisticated multifunctional formulationbecause when it is combined with the Shampoos of Beauty Hair Line VB® and with the Bathing Foams VB®, it shows aesthetic features of highest level per the restoring and beauty of hair.

When it is combined with the Treatments/Products of Hair Care Line VB®, it shows even a strong synergic action for the preservation of the health status of scalp.

Mainly in this cases, for avoiding to invalidate the certified Clinical Effectiveness of the products of Hair Care Line VB®, is recommended to don’t use common hair conditioners, if not Tested and Certified in the same way in University Seat for the Maximum Safety as the VB® Products.

It is an after-shampoo conditioner that needs to be rinsed off, makes the hair soft and light, it is not greasy and does not weigh the hair down.


After shampoo, blot the water excess, apply the right quantity of Reintegrating Mask both on the scalp and on the hair and with the help of a comb distribute it evenly on all lengths of hair. Leave in for about 6 minutes and rinse off thoroughly, then you can proceed to the hair drying or you can apply one of the products of Style & Finish Line, according to the desired hairstyle.

Reintegrating Mask and the Style & Finish Line’s products are not greasy and don’t weigh your hair down.
Reintegrating Mask is perfectly compatible with all the products of VB® Range.