Restoring Gel 125 ml
gives bigger structure thanks to its film-forming action with natural effect

Restoring Gel gives more structure to the hair with the homogeneous highly protective and resistant film-forming action that it performs on the hair’s surface, allowing to easily model the hair, guaranteeing a long lasting hairstyle. 

It guarantees a natural effect and allows to obtain every type of hairstyle, without greasing, weighing down or leave unaesthetic residues on hair.

If worked with brush and hairdryer it allows to easily model every type of hair and moreover it is ideal to obtain  soft and natural curls both if you are drying the hair with diffuser or curlers and if it is used on already dry hair, is perfect to refine and enhance the hairstyle.


on wet hair, apply uniformly Restoring Gel on the hair with the help of a comb and model them with brush and hairdryer, or with curlers, or with a diffuser on naturally with the hands.

on dry hair, apply Restoring Gel and model the hair as desired with the hands