(Restoring Shampoo 200 ml + Restoring Mono-Dose 2 packs 6 x 15 ml

Is suitable for particularly damaged hair, which break easily and weakened by chemical treatments as hair coloring and hair bleaching, hair perm, hair straightening, etc., and by physical treatments as overuse of hair dryer and/or hair straightener.

The combination of Restoring Shampoo and Restoring Serum Mono-Dose , performs an immediate action, creating a special film that wrap the hair, giving back an healthy, strong, full bodied and completely natural look.

It repairs the split ends of hair and gives back new elasticity to the hair’s keratin structures, with appreciable results already from the first use.


Restoring Shampoo cleans the hair, preparing them perfectly for the subsequent combined action of Restoring Mono-Dose that completes a more strong restoring effect, giving to the hair an healthy look and making them easy to style, maintaining the shine and softness.


To obtain a perfect result make twice shampoo till obtain a rich foam and rinse-off thoroughly.
Blot the water excess, apply uniformly the whole mono-dose of 15 ml and with the help of a comb distribute uniformly on all lengths, it does not require exposure times and it does not need to be rinsed off.

Once applied the Restoring Mono-Dose, you can proceed to the hair drying or you can apply one of the products of Style & Finish Line, according to the desired hairstyle.

The Style and Finish Line’s products are not greasy and don’t weigh your hair down.