even with itching


(Greasy Hair Shampoo 200 ml + Sebo-Balance Solution Mono-Dose 12 x 15 ml)

The SEBO-BALANCE TREATMENT has been tested in University Seat on subjects of both sexes, diagnostically suffered from scalp seborrhea, greasiness and itching and it is certified for the clinical Effectiveness demonstrated by the comparison of the Analytical Instrumental Data, detected before, during and after its use.

During the Clinical Survey, the subjects were observed also for the safety of the scalp’s health status.

The Final Clinical Opinion, written by the Director of the University Dermatological Clinic, based on the comparison before/after of the Analytical Instrumental Data and on the observation of the general and specific trend of the Clinical Parameters, has shown:

net improvement of seborrhea;;

strong improvement of greasiness;

particularly evident decrease of itching.

Moreover, both the Shampoo and the Solution of the Treatment, have been subjected to the Strict Clinical-Pharmacological Protocols provided by the Repeated Insult Patch Test for the Safety and, since they passed them, they were certified as incapable of evoking irritative or allergic reactions.

The SEBO-BALANCE TREATMENT® gives to the hair even a full aesthetic action (makes them easy to comb, easy to style, soft and shiny). Moreover, since it is compatible and combinable with all the products of the whole VB® RANGE, it allows to easily satisfy all the fashion trends about the hairstyle.


To obtain a perfect result make the shampoo at least twice a week. Make always two washes obtaining a rich foam and rinse-off perfectly.
The Solution must be applied twice a week after the shampoo, with the special dropper distribute evenly on the scalp the whole mono-dose of 15 ml.
Do not rinse the solution, it is recommended to wait about 2 minutes before blow drying.
Is not greasy, does not weight down the hair and dries quickly.