(Sebo-Reducing Cream 50 ml + Face Cleanser 200 ml)

The Seborrhea is normally defined as the excessive production of sebum due to the changes of the mechanisms that govern the activity of the sebaceous glands.
The Seborrhea is surely one of the issues most frequent and difficult to treat and the VB® Research Laboratories , always careful to the trend of the themes of this field, for many years have studied the sebo-reduction of face skin and the extraordinary results obtained have confirmed the Scientific foresight of the VB® Formulations. 
First of all, for the delicacy of this theme, the two formulations that make up the Sebo-reducing Treatment have been Tested in University Seat for the Safety of Use, obtaining the following clinical result:

in no one of the persons subjected to the Safety tests were detected skin reactions, neither of erythematous type, nor vescicular type or typical irritative reactions and moreover no one of the subject has shown symptoms as itching or stinging (sting action).

The Sebo-Reducing Treatment has been tested in University seat performing the Assessment of Clinical Effectiveness by the comparison of the scientific instrumental data before/after on women and men suffering from face seborrhea, showing that it is Clinically Effective and very well tolerated by all the patients suffering from face skin seborrhea and highlighting the following Certified Clinical Results.

– steady decrease of sebum quantity in face skin;

– instrumental confirmation of the sebo-reducing action of the Treatment;

– respect of skin hydration;

– absence of irritative reactions;

– full absence of redness, dryness and desquamation.


To obtain a perfect result, apply Face Cleanser  on wet skin, massage it till completely remove the impurities or make-up and rinse-off.
Sebo-Reducing Cream and gently massage until it is completely absorbed.
Sebo-Reducing Cream is also perfect as make-up base and can be used day and night.
Great also for men, rebalances the skin’s condition after shaving.