Conditioner Spray   200 ml  
no rinsing
practical after-shampoo, makes the hair easier to comb

Spray Conditioner – no rinsing is a unique and original formulation after-shampoo that allows to easily disentangle even the most difficult and thin hair, its moisturizing and softening action makes the hair easy to style, restores the hair and gives brightness making them free and light.          

Spray Conditioner (no rinse) is a modern product, essential for quick and practical Users because its easy use without exposure times is highly appreciated both for Professional and private use.


After the hair washing with the desired VB® Shampoo or Bathing Foam and after the possible application of another VB® Product that needs to be rinsed off, apply Spray Conditioner uniformly on still wet hair, before with the help of a wide toothed comb and then with a fine-tooth comb to make easier the contact of the product and accordingly make easier the hair detangling. 

When this operation is correctly completed, you will see the hair perfectly conditioned and ready to be styled as you prefer.

Spray Conditioner is perfectly compatible with all the products of VB® Range, included the ones of Style & Finish Line of which further enhances the features.