Villa Borghini is the name of an ancient villa located on the hills of the etruscan city of Arezzo, in the heart of Tuscany, where in 1978 were conceived, designed and realized by the Chemist Bruno Angilella the first VB® cosmetic products for hair, that from the beginning, thanks to their strong innovative features and for the extraordinary results that they were able to give, were manufactured in large scale with the creation of an Industry that could remember the authenticity of their own origin: Villa Borghini®, with the brand VB®.

Bruno Angilella understood that, before or after, the perfumes and the colors included in the products for cleaning would have created issues like irritations and allergies. Despite of his young age he already had a family and two kids and for this reason he decided to create for them products with high quality and safe for the health.

Is the beginning of a real activity, since 1978, from the artisanal and handmade production, the company has specialized in scientific research, development, production, marketing, formation and trading of very high quality products for hair and body care. 

  Then, thanks to the growing diffusion of the VB® Products in the international market, both Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical, the establishment where still today the products are fully and originally manufactured, took the name of Cosmetic Industry VILLA BORGHINI® EUROPA, Real Excellence of the Brand 100% Made in Italy. In this establishment there are all the departments that work in synergy between themselves: design Laboratories, Production, Packing, Commercial Offices and the Bio-Scientific Dermatic European Academy.

Villa Borghini has evolved during the years with the goal to be always advanced for the production systems , taking particular care to the technological investments in production’s automation and to obtain the most important certifications. Today with the generational change, the company is managed by the sons that have expertly developed the scientific, technical and commercial innovation, always preserving the same philosophy that since from the origins has characterized it on the market.



Quality levels since from the origin

Since from their origin and still today, the revolutionaries founding concepts of the VB® formulations, are based on the following basic principle: offering to the Consumer, products able to fully satisfy at the same time, both the curative and aesthetic needs, considering that “an excellent functional status of skin and hair, or in any case of an organ in general, is already itself warranty of beauty and so also of aestheticity”.  

The VB® products, first products worldwide in their field to be manufactured without colors and perfumes and long Tested in University Seat both for the Maximum Safety (certified as incapable of evoking irritative or allergic reactions) and for the Clinical Effectiveness (demonstrated with exact analytical instrumental data), have to be considered the First Systematic-Functional Treatments / Products.

For what above mentioned and for many other important innovations brought in its sector, the Original Scientific Foresight VB® has been assessed and definitely recognized, by the assignment to its Founder, the Chemist Bruno Angilella, of the prestigious and highly coveted:

International Prize Science Theme Medicine”

   The curative and aesthetic results that is possible to obtain using the VB® Treatments/Products, besides of being evident for the Consumer, are perfectly verifiable in all the VB® points in which operate Professionals, both of medical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical field, that are equipped with the electronic equipment named TEDA (Trichological Equipment Diagnosis Analyzer). In fact TEDA allows to the operators of every field to proceed by themselves to the following 3 phases of very High Professional Level:

Inform the Patient/Client

about his health conditions, by the detection of analytical instrumental data (skin and scalp pH value, view with camera, etc.), detected with TEDA and compared with parameters of normality;

Propose to the Patient/Client

the VB® Treatments/Products more suitable for their issue to bring it back into the physiological parameters of normality;

Demonstrate to the patient/Client

on the date established for the check, the results obtained with the prescribed Treatments/Products, by the comparison before/after of the instrumental data detected with TEDA.

Moreover, in the VB® points in which operate Professionals that have attended our Bio-Scientific Dermatic® European Academy, is possible for the consumers to view the VB® TECHNICAL REPORT, extraordinary and unique Scientific Professional Guide in which are carefully reported also the University Certification of Maximum Safety and Clinical Effectiveness of the VB® Treatments/Products.


Clean the body and wash the hair means more than be clean and beautiful, means to be healthy and safe and listen to the needs and requests of the people.

For this reason we can talk to the Consumers of Transparency in the demonstration of the results,