Styling Treatment

(Styling Shampoo 200 ml + Regenerating Cream 200 ml)

Styling Treatment is suitable for all type of hair, even for destructured ones, thin, rough and difficult in taking and longer maintain the desired hairstyle.

It allows to easily modelling the hair to obtain the desired hairstyle, both smooth, curly or wavy, with strong held and in a very short time but without stressing the hair, making them silky, soft and bright.

This Treatment is precious both for professional and private use, because the healthy and natural look will be evident even on damaged, exploited and dull hair.


Styling Treatment cleans perfectly every type of hair, even the greasy ones, with a special action that, besides cleaning the hair, gives them a sophisticated protection film, preparing them perfectly for the subsequent action of the substantivizing cationic agents of Regenerating Cream, creating a strong synergic action of High Formulative Level.

The aesthetic effects are evident from the first use, it makes the hair silky, soft and easy to model even without any stressful physical hair drying action.


after the use of Styling Treatment:

– To obtain a smooth effect, we suggest to apply on still wet hair as you prefer Restoring Gel (on particularly thin hair) or even Hair Styling Primer or glare (for all types of hair) to easily obtain the desired hairstyle and to guarantee a long-lasting smooth held.

   On still wet hair start drying with brush and hair dryer, giving immediately to the hair the desired direction. For this effect, we suggest to use an hair dryer able to create a very strong hot air, even keeping it very close to the hair, because the film-forming action given to the hair by this treatment is particularly resistant to heat and allows to the hair to resist even to stressful physical modelling actions.

– To obtain curls with diffuser, we suggest to apply Keratin Style on still wet hair (to obtain a tight and defined curl) or Tidy Hair (to obtain a soft and defined curl) or again, to get more volume, we suggest to apply Regular Volume Gel on the hair base and then proceed to the hair drying.

To obtain a curl effect with curlers: we suggest to apply Keratin Style on still wet hair, roll up the curlers and dry your hair with helmet.

To give more volume to the hair, over the application of Keratin Style, we also suggest to apply Regular Volume Gel on the hair base and proceed as above mentioned.

– To obtain a move effect with brush and hair dryer, apply Restoring Gel on still wet hair (on particularly thin hair), or Keratin Style (for all types of hair), then style your hair.
You will obtain a soft and natural effect.


Make twice the shampoo till obtain a rich foam and rinse-off perfectly. Blot the water excess, apply the right quantity of Regenerating Cream and with the help of a comb distribute it evenly on all lengths of hair. The cream doesn’t require exposure time thus rinse off thoroughly, then you can proceed to the hair drying or you can apply one of the products of Style & Finish Line, according to the desired hairstyle.  Regenerating Cream and the Style & Finish Line’s products are not greasy and don’t weigh your hair down.