Tidy Hair   125 ml
 for a bigger fullness and elasticity 

Tidy Hair is particularly suitable and appreciated by who wants to give to the hair a Sophisticated and Elegant look.

Is a multifunctional product, if worked with brush and hair dryer allows to easily model every type of hair, is ideal to obtain defined and elastic curls both if you are drying the hair with diffuser or curlers and if it is used on already dry hair, it is classified as middle held gel and in any case it has to be chosen to obtain a bigger fullness an elasticity.

Its effect can be renewed simply modelling the hair with wet hands, it is not greasy, does not weigh down and does not leave residues on hair even after several hours from its use.


on wet hair, apply Tidy Hair uniformly on hair with the help of the comb and then proceed with the desired hair drying, both with brush and hairdryer and with curlers, both using the diffuser to obtain defined curly hair. Or modelling with the hands to have a natural effect.

– on dry hair, apply Tidy Hair and modelling the hair with the hands.

Use the hairdryer to make long lasting the hair modelling gave to the hair.