Volume Shampoo® has been the first of its type and the excellence of its formulation is aimed to give a real Volume Effect to the hair. It clearly stands out from the common products aimed to this goal because, besides to clean (maximum cleaning) every type of hair and scalp, it is able to give a Sophisticated and Natural Volume Effect , even to flattened and thin hair, independently from the reasons that caused those blemishes. Moreover, its volume features, are always evident, both drying the hair naturally, with brush and hair dryer and in any other way and this makes this product particularly useful both for professional and private use.

Volume Shampoo® is suitable for very frequent use for the preservation of the aesthetic-functional integrity of hair’s keratins and combined with Reintegrating Mask it creates Volume Treatment which allows to obtain a full and sophisticated volume effect able to satisfy the needs of Professionals and of the most careful and demanding Consumers.


The product is formulated without perfumes, colors and thickening, for this reason it is liquid in all its purity. We suggest to apply the shampoo directly on wet hair. To obtain a perfect result wet carefully the hair and make the first washing, massaging until you get a rich foam, rinse-off perfectly and repeat it for the second time, till obtain again a rich foam and then rinse off thoroughly.