from chemical treatments


6 mono-dose x 15 ml

SCALP DEFENSE is studied for the protection of scalp when are performed on it chemical actions particularly strong as hair coloring and hair bleaching, hair perm, hair straightening, etc., because they obviously concur in changing the normal physiological status of scalp.

It is an innovative and advanced formulation with film-forming protective action that, if applied immediately before the treatment, minimizes the contact of the chemical products with the scalp and thus decreases their aggressiveness.

According to the VB® manufacturing philosophy, that first of all take in consideration the Maximum Safety Features of formulations, a product like SCALP DEFENSE, aimed to a so important role in the protection of scalp, had to be necessarily able to pass the Strict Clinical-Pharmacological Protocols provided by the Repeated Insult Patch Test.

In fact, SCALP DEFENSE not only has passed the Tests for the Maximum Safety, but it can be also considered a valid NMF (NormalMoisturizingFactor), so a Factor of Normality in Skin Hydration..

The scalp frequently subjected to chemical treatments, if not protected with suitable products, can show intolerances even difficult to treat for the recovery of the normal physiological conditions.

Normally the excess of chemical products, is removed by washing hair and scalp with a shampoo, therefore is recommended to remove the excess of the chemical substances used, using the shampoos of VB® Range, or other shampoos Tested and Certified in the same way in University Seat that have passed the Repeated Insult Patch Test.

Anyway, the use of any Shampoo of VB® Range, besides ensuring an easy removal of the excess of chemical products, gives new integrity to hair and scalp keratin structures.


The use of Scalp Defense is easy and fast:

1 |  Before applying any type of chemical treatment, distribute evenly on the scalp the whole Mono-Dose of 15 ml, using the special dropper included in the box.
2 | Apply the desired chemical treatment. Then, at the end of the exposure time required for the chemical treatment, rinse off carefully hair and scalp.