The LINEA BEAUTY HAIR is the result of the synergy between the advanced technology of our Research Laboratories and the highly functional refined ingredients, guaranteeing immediate results which are visible and appreciable from the first application, able to satisfy every need for all type of hair.

This line of products is aimed to restore and make the hair beautiful, with a wide series of Specific Treatments and Single Products that perfectly match with the expectations of Aesthetic Functional Results as shown in their names.

The products of LINEA BEAUTY HAIR have been designed and realized for simple use, very short application times, guaranteed results, the held of the hairstyle and protection against high temperatures, to fully satisfy both the Professional needs and the ones for private use of the Final Consumer. Formulated without perfumes, colors and thickenings, they can be used frequently and in a completely safe way, to maintain a perfectly healthy status both of hair and scalp.

The extraordinary and innovative formulative technology of VB® products has allowed to create Treatments and Single Products perfectly compatible, combinable and synergic between themselves and the whole range of VB® Products, that has passed in University Seat the strictest Clinical-Pharmacological Tests for the Maximum Safety provided by the Repeated Insult Patch Test, allows to create combinations to satisfy, at the same time, both curative and aesthetic needs.