Discover  all Villa Borghini strong product lines and get to know the most suitable products to treat your curative and/or aesthetic needs. There are five Villa Borghini product lines and they all work in synergy with each other. For the aesthetic needs of the hair and scalp Villa Borghini has created the beauty hair line  while for the purely curative needs there is the functional and effective  hair care line . Finally, for the hair and scalp there is the style/finish  line with products ideal for the modeling and styling phase. As for the skin and its care Villa Borghini® has two lines, an exclusive one for the treatment of the face with the face care  line while, for the treatment of the body is available the body line, that includes products for kids and adults.


The Beauty Hair Line  is the result of the synergy between the advanced technology of our Research Laboratories and the highly functional refined ingredients, guaranteeing immediate results which are visible and appreciable from the first application, able to satisfy every need for all type of hair.

This line of products is aimed to restore and make the hair beautiful, with a wide series of Specific Treatments and Single Products that perfectly match with the expectations of Aesthetic Functional Results as shown in their names.

The products of Beauty Hair Line have been designed and realized for simple use, very short application times, guaranteed results, the held of the hairstyle and protection against high temperatures, to fully satisfy both the Professional needs and the ones for private use of the Final Consumer. Formulated without perfumes, colors and thickenings, they can be used frequently and in a completely safe way, to maintain a perfectly healthy status both of hair and scalp.

The extraordinary and innovative formulative technology of Villa Borghini products has allowed to create Treatments and Single Products perfectly compatible, combinable and synergic between themselves and the whole range of Villa Borghini Products, that has passed in University Seat the strictest Clinical-Pharmacological Tests for the Maximum Safety provided by the Repeated Insult Patch Test, allows to create combinations to satisfy, at the same time, both curative and aesthetic needs.



This Line is aimed to the hair and scalp cure and includes the treatments and Products that, as showed by the University Clinical Certifications, really help to fight the more diffused and bothersome trichological issues that from ever afflict the people. From their origin the Villa Borghini Brand Products, were never presented neither with absurd advertising campaigns nor as miraculous, but only with what they really have shown in University Seat, both about their Maximum Safety and about their Clinical Effectiveness, Validated andCertified with exact analytical instrumental data before/after their Use.

More exactly, the Villa Borghini Philosophy is not based on advertising campaigns but on investments less striking and much more expensive because they are related to the Real Laboratory Formulative Research, basically aimed to face and solve with success the various issues that affect the consumers, justifying in this way the expense made for buying the Villa Borghini Products.

This is the reason of our University Certifications of Villa Borghini Products that,  even if they have first class Curative Features,  at the same time they are able to guarantee Maximum Aestheticity and Maximum Safety.



The Real Aesthetic Function of a Product can’t be considered only as an artificial and temporary disguise of the skin’s blemishes, but must have an important role of utility, more suitable for the satisfaction of the current and growing needs of the Modern Consumer.

From this easy and, at the same time, innovative concept, Villa Borghini (International Prize Science Theme Medicine), from its origin has revolutionized the interpretation of Aesthetic Function, creating formulations scientifically much more advanced, both for the Maximum Safety and for the Clinical Effectiveness, Tested e Certificated in University Seat, by the comparison before/after of the Exact Instrumental Data, for offering to the Consumer Products Suitable to face and solve successfully his needs. So, in compliance with “the Modern Cosmetology Criterion” (Independent Science) and “the Modern Trichology Criterion“, even this created in Villa Borghini (SIAE), the aesthetic function of a cosmetic product must find today its founding reasons on more valid and real factors instead of the past because, according to the Modern Concept of the most Advanced Clinical-Pharmacological Criteria, is necessary respect this consideration:

the excellent physiological-functional status of skin is synonym and warranty of beauty and aestheticity. For this reason, following the philosophy of these Criteria, also the products of Face Care Line, have been Tested for the Real ClinicalEffectiveness and for the Maximum Safety fully respecting and improving the excellent physiological-functional status of skin. The deep scientific research of our Laboratories allowed to realize the best treatments for face care, creating, by the use an advanced production technology, effective means of defense to prevent the skin ageing process, the wrinkles and the face’s greasiness.



In the creation of a look, the phase of styling is the one that allows to obtain endless results to point out the personality and the style of each person. You can choose a natural look, an extreme fixing, a soft held or anyway create an expressive style completely original.

The Style/Finish Line has been created for allowing to obtain an exclusive and personal style, for satisfying every kind of needs and to guarantee a long lasting, without greasing, weighing down or leave residues on the hair. Besides of the ease of use and the real aesthetic-functional results that it is able to offer both to Professional and Private Consumers, the products of Style & Finish Line are High Qualitative and Technological Level Formulations able to satisfy with great success the growing needs of the Modern Consumer even the most careful and demanding.

The whole line has been Tested and Certified in University Seat for the Maximum Safety according to the Strictest Clinical-PharmacologicalProtocols provided by the Repeated Insult Patch Test, because in this way you can really Protect the Health of the Consumer, offering a safe and reliable product without any undesired side effect, even if used frequently.



The products of Body Line range were realized for a delicate cleansing and excellent hydration of skin, for maintaining a perfect balance of the hydrolipidic film and for the protection of the skin and its appendages.

These formulations without colors, perfumes and thickenings, make the products of Body Line perfectly compatible with the skin and allow to express a sanitizing and cleansing action fully respecting the skin, they are suitable even for newborns and for persons who are became intolerant to the common detergents and to body creams.

The progress in Villa Borghini Research has initially reached qualitative goals with the formulations of Hair and Body Bathing Foam and of the highly gentle Baby Shampoo Bathing Foam to which follows the extraordinary formulation of Body cream which completes the current Body Line range able to reply really to the themes of utility and ease of use, so much appreciated by the Modern Users, even most careful and demanding.

The two Bathing Foams of Body Line, besides their classic use, have Exceptional Multifunctional Features, that allow them to find great combination, both with Curative and Aesthetic Treatments of Villa Borghini Range Products (look at the specific indications in the Scientific Professional Guide VB TECHNICAL REPORT), especially because they are perfectly suitable to be used very frequently, even more times in the same day, guaranteeing Maximum Safety and Cleaningboth of hair and body.



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