The Real Aesthetic Function of a Product can’t be considered only as an artificial and temporary disguise of the skin’s blemishes, but must have an important role of utility, more suitable for the satisfaction of the current and growing needs of the Modern Consumer.

From this easy and, at the same time, innovative concept, Villa Borghini® (International Prize Science Theme Medicine), from its origin has revolutionized the interpretation of Aesthetic Function, creating formulations scientifically much more advanced, both for the Maximum Safety and for the Clinical Effectiveness, Tested e Certificated in University Seat, by the comparison before/after of the Exact Instrumental Data, for offering to the Consumer Products Suitable to face and solve successfully his needs. So, in compliance with “the Modern Cosmetology Criterion” (Independent Science) and “the Modern Trichology Criterion“, even this created in VB® (SIAE), the aesthetic function of a cosmetic product must find today its founding reasons on more valid and real factors instead of the past because, according to the Modern Concept of the most Advanced Clinical-Pharmacological Criteria, is necessary respect this consideration:

the excellent physiological-functional status of skin is synonym and warranty of beauty and aestheticity

For this reason, following the philosophy of these Criteria, also the products of FACE CARE LINE, have been Tested for the Real Clinical Effectiveness and for the Maximum Safety fully respecting and improving the excellent physiological-functional status of skin. The deep scientific research of our Laboratories allowed to realize the best treatments for face care, creating, by the use an advanced production technology, effective means of defense to prevent the skin ageing process, the wrinkles and the face’s greasiness.