The products of Body Line range were realized for a delicate cleansing and excellent hydration of skin, for maintaining a perfect balance of the hydrolipidic film and for the protection of the skin and its appendages.

These formulations without colors, perfumes and thickenings, make the products of Body Line perfectly compatible with the skin and allow to express a sanitizing and cleansing action fully respecting the skin, they are suitable even for newborns and for persons who are became intolerant to the common detergents and to body creams.

The progress in VB® Research has initially reached qualitative goals with the formulations of Hair and Body Bathing Foam and of the highly gentle Baby Shampoo Bathing Foam to which follows the extraordinary formulation of Body cream which completes the current Body Line range able to reply really to the themes of utility and ease of use, so much appreciated by the Modern Users, even most careful and demanding.

The two Bathing Foams of Body Line, besides their classic use, haveExceptional Multifunctional Features, , that allow them to find great combination, both with Curative and Aesthetic Treatments of VB® Range Products (look at the specific indications in the Scientific Professional Guide VB® TECHNICAL REPORT), especially because they are perfectly suitable to be used very frequently, even more times in the same day, guaranteeing Maximum Safety and Cleaning, both of hair and body..